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Makowitz & Associates, PLLC. is a General Law Practice Firm emphasizing in General Business and Personal Represenatation. We have been helping businesses become more profitable and individuals realize their goals for over 20 years. While litigation may be necessary, our main focus is on resolution of disputes.

Low Fixed Fee Incorporations/LLCs and Evening Consultations Available

We offer services including but not limited to: Business Entity Formation, Acquistions and Sales, Planning through Liquidation, Drafting, Review and Negotiation of a variety of Contracts and Agreements, including but not limited to: Franchise, Employment, Shareholder, Partnership, and Operation Agreements, Technology Agreements and Commericial Leases, Construction, and Buiness Purchase and Sales Agreements.

"Mark is detail-oriented, meticulous, and unimpeachably ethical." - Joshua Sharf.

The goal is to provide solutions so that businesses and individuals involved can continue to run their business or maintain their personal lives and families with minimal stress and distraction. We truly believe that it is an honor and privilege that carries the utmost responsibility and committment to serve as legal counsel. The trust a client places in us is respected and appreciated. We serve as advisors, advocates, and defenders of our clients.

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Our practice includes Civil and Commerical Litigation and occasional Criminal matters, in a variety of contexts, with an emphasis on resolution of disputes. I.E. Shareholder Disputes, Contract Disputes, Construction, White Collar Crime,; Personal Injury and Insurance Litigation, IRS and Estate Litigation, Gurardianship and Conservatorship. Our practice also includes Estate Plannin services, inluding perparation of Wills and Trusts, Living Wills, Medical and General Powers of Attorney. Our clients are spread across various industries, including but not limited to: Cutting-edge Technology, Construction, Real Estate, Ranching and Custom Farming, and Interstate Trucking.